Gorodok (Vitebsk Oblast)

(55°28' 30°00')

Gorodok is a small town north of Vitebsk in Belarus . Below are photographs taken by Zlata Krivichkina from Gorodok of  tombstones in the old Jewish cemetery. Her father Mark is head of the remaining Jewish community there. These photographs were taken in August 2008. Many of the tombstones are in a poor state but some can still be read. Click on each one in order to obtain a magnified view. If you are able to translate any (even fragments!) of the unread tombstones please send email.

For an excellent account of Gorodok and Mark Krivichkin's heroic work in trying to preserve the Jewish heritage of Gorodok, see http://shtetle.co.il/Shtetls/gorodok/gorodok_eng.html . In addition more information on the Vitebsk region can be obtained from http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/Vitsyebsk/.    

In addition a Family Tree website is available for the Bederov family plus others.

Zlata Krivichkina, daughter of Mark and Mira Krivichkin, has written an article on the history of Jews in the town.

We are launching an appeal to save the cemetery and holocaust sites sites. Please click on Appeal button or here.